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High temperature capabilities



Soldo has extended its aluminium and stainless steel LSB product range for applications operating up to 300 °C.

The teflon coated stainless steel bushings ensure a smooth and low friction rotation of the shaft whilst the switches guarantee both open and closed logics using the Soldo compact design. Ceramic terminals and special wirings complete the design.


The unique features include:

  • Twin shaft design
  • Rugged coating
  • Wide choice of enclosure materials
  • Easy access to the unit due to large internal space
  • Mechanical life is guaranteed 1 million cycles
  • Best solution to feedback the position of the valve to the control room

The range is tested at 5A, 250VAC load and approved to withstand temperatures at 250°C for 2 hours, and 300°C for 70 minutes.

Switchboxes that can withstand high temperates are used for tunnel applications in the HVAC industry. One of the specific parameters for tunnel damper actuation components is for them to withstand high temperatures for a defined period of time. This is typically 250°C for 2 hours in most of the applications and regions. Our new switchbox can be used directly on the damper for feedback signal, or on any actuator type.