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  Oil & Gas

From offshore rigs to storage facilities, from remote pipelines to coastal terminals, Soldo Controls is recognized as the ideal partner for the supply of position feedback devices to the oil & gas industry. In hazardous and hostile environments, reliability and safety are distinctive features of Soldo products.



Helping customers to meet ever-greater demand for clean, safe and affordable power, our devices feed back the valve position in traditional and renewable stations thus maintaining control of safety and regular emissions as well as maximizing the operating efficiency.



On board naval, industrial and even leisure vessels, Soldo products meet the need for efficient, reliable operation with a compact design. Our systems are trusted for critical duties including water supply, fire protection, ballast and cargo pumping.



Linking the process to…..the surface! That is what the subsea range of Soldo devices do. Soldo position feedback devices for submergible and subsea application are designed to work in the harshest conditions to meet the stringent demands of this type of application.


  Food & Beverage

What is behind a drink, a glass of water or a snack? A well monitored and controlled process! Soldo products operate and feed back to the system satisfying your needs and….taste.

  Water & Waste Water

Water is precious and not a single drop of clear water can be wasted. Efficiency is mandatory in water supply, desalination plants and waste water treatment facilities. Soldo's solutions are ready to perform at the severest humid and salty environments.