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Research & Development

The Soldo range of limit switch boxes, proximity sensors and accessories offers a wide variety of options. Soldo specialises in the design and manufacture of control accessories for valve automation, providing high quality products and services that guarantee a link between the control room and automated process valves. Product development programmes ensure Soldo is always ready for new markets and applications and able to meet or exceed customer requirements.

Soldo products are valued by customers for their advanced design and capabilities including:


From cost effective, when price is a concern, to corrosion resistant and explosionproof, when harsh environments are encountered, Soldo products provide the protection and automation that each application demands.

Soldo also offers a full line of mounting brackets for all models that do not come with an integral mounting kit.


Unique design features

Twin shaft design:

Soldo units are a step above the competition with a unique split shaft design.

The lower part of the shaft is fitted and sealed on the body, the upper side is fitted and sealed on the cover.

- electrical components are protected against water dropping into the enclosure, even during opening the lid.

- you will never loose the matching with the indicator

- no possibilities to close the lid with a wrong indication position

This allows also installation where space is a factor, reducing needed clereance, to 4 mm.


Cams adjustment precision:

Soldo limit switches also have easy-set 3 degree cams for independent tool free adjustment.

Hassle free installation:

Pre-wired PCB switch modules ensure installation is worry free and allows easy installation and wiring directly into terminal strips. The pre-wired boards are conformal coated for environmental protection.