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Soldo 'End of Line' monitoring

15 April 2015
Soldo 'End of Line' monitoring

Soldo adds a new feature so its product can easily detect a fault.

Following feedback from the marketplace, Soldo’s R&D team has developed a new feature for its product – an End of Line monitoring system (EOL). This feature makes the Limit Switch Boxes capable of returning a signal to devices such as pushbutton, switches, or contacts to show if the network is working properly or not.

In order to properly detect a fault in the field wiring, additional resistance is required at the switch in the field. The picture shows the addition of a 1kΩ resistor in series and 10kΩ resistor in parallel to the switch. This resistance allows a small amount of current (i1<i) to flow when switch changes status from NC to NO, allowing the IS barrier to detect an open or short to the field.

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